Monday, February 21, 2005

More on Global Warming

A brief note for people interested in science:

This month's issue of Scientific American has a couple of interesting articles on the general topic of global warming.

SciAm March 2005.

First, there's "How Did Humans First Alter Global Climate?"
By William F. Ruddiman. "A bold hypothesis suggests that our ancestors' farming practices started warming the earth thousands of years before industrial society did" according to the magazine blurb. I found the ideas in it to be thought-provoking, though we're a long way from proving that agricultural land use changes marked the true beginning of global warming.

Unfortunately, you can't read the entire articles without subscribing, but this issue might be worth picking up for those interested.

There is also "Behind the Hockey Stick" which can be viewed for free.

It's a short interview/feature on Michael Mann, the scientist who has become more or less the poster/whipping boy of global warming.

Mann is also one of the founders of the RealClimate site I recommended a few episodes ago. RealClimate has a new primer on climate issues especially tailored to scientific amateurs like myself. I am looking forward to perusing it tonight.